Get Listed

How can I get my name added to the list?

If you identify as a Black doula working towards certification, you are welcome to add your name to the list, please fill out this form. If you are a Black midwife working towards the CPM, your form is here. You’ll be notified when you are added.

How do I make an Amazon Wishlist?

You will need to make a list that is public but that shares your address with Amazon and vendors. This does not show your address to people who are purchasing off your list. That address is hidden, but allows Amazon to send your books. You will not be added until your address works. You can learn more about making a list here. This is also a step-by-step article.

How do I share my Amazon Wishlist?

Here is a helpful article.

My address isn’t showing when someone tries to purchase off my list. What now?

Refer to the steps above in starting a list.

Which books should I choose?

Doulas: You are able to list up to eight books on your birth or postpartum reading list. You can choose any books that appeal to you.

Midwives: You have a reading list from NARM listed on your form from which to choose.

Do you have tips on creating a great list?

So glad you asked! Here are some things to consider:

  • Filling out the description is a great idea to help people know a bit about you. It’s about a paragraph of information at the most. We’d include your first name and a bit about your journey to becoming a doula.
  • You should also name your list with your first name and call it a Doula Certification Book List – this helps people know they’ve found the right list.

  • You will also want to ensure that you have the books sent to you. By putting your address in. This address will be kept private, even if you are making the list public. Your email address will also NOT be shown. Only the name of your list, the description, and the books you’ve listed.
  • Be sure to make the list public and allow third-party sellers access (This is how the books are shipped to you.). You will also want to select don’t spoil my surprises. Be sure to hit SAVE when you’re done

  • Look at the price of the books as you’re searching. Some searches turn up multiple books and it’s easy to simply pick what’s at the top of your list. Some retailers jack the prices up really high, unnecessarily so, Chances are, no one will buy you a $500 book, so pick the one that is less expensive to increase your chances of getting it purchased.

When you’re choosing items for your list, there are a couple of ways that items are returned. The ones that have the yellow/orange “Add to Cart” are the optimal ones for people choosing to gift you books. “See All Buying Options” returns choices, but it leaves the choice to the person selecting the item – which means you might get a Kindle edition or used version when it’s not helpful. “Top Search Results” is very vague and difficult to decide what works. We won’t list lists that have only these options because it rarely results in you getting books because of the confusion.