Childbirth Educators

Black birthing people are more likely to die than their white counterparts. In order to help these families have the care and support they deserve, this page is dedicated to helping Black childbirth educators prepare to help families through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and infant feeding by serving as educators and facilitators.

The Black childbirth educators listed here are sharing their Amazon wish lists for books that they need to continue their work towards their certification. Books selected by you will be directly shipped to the recipient. You may choose to list your name on the gift receipt or remain anonymous.

The childbirth educators who are participating are listed by city and state. You can choose based on any criteria that you prefer. Childbirth educators who have their lists completed will be removed.

If you identify as a Black childbirth educator working towards certification, you are welcome to add your name to the list, please fill out this form. You’ll be notified when you are added. FAQ here.


Amber W., Honolulu, HI, BADT


Danielle W., Seattle, WA, BADT

US Military

Marquita A., Ramstein AB, Germany, The Birthing Advocacy

Retired Lists

Takeallah R., Memphis, TN, BADT